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Finding Motivation In Nature

2019 is going to be a huge year.  I can feel it within every cell of my being. This morning I awoke with the feeling that I need to DO something to prepare for its arrival.  However, the tiredness I am feeling is asking me to BE and not DO.

To just curl up with a book feels lazy. In addition to this label of lazy, I seem to be adding “guilty” to my list of self-judgements.

I have a lot to do and much to achieve. Lately my head has been feeling muddled. Maintaining focus has been quite the challenge. Sometimes it is not something I can force.

I know a big part of my journey in terms of my job entails going with the flow (I mentioned that previously in an earlier post). However, above all else, I need to commune with my inner guidance more in terms of my spiritual direction. This disordered head of mine makes any semblance of spiritual communication seem like it is all happening on a bad phone line.

The Solution

Feeling a blast of fresh air was needed, I loaded the camera into the car. A place called Riwaka Resurgence reverberated in my mind as my destination as I drove down the driveway. This place did not disappoint.

Photograph courtesy of Anne McCormack

I stood on the banks of the Riwaka River, watching and listening to the water rush by me. I felt the mental crud fall away that had been clogging my head. As a result, the lethargy eased. It was becoming easier to breathe. The clarity of thought was returning. I was coming back to a livelier frame of mind.

Photograph courtesy of Anne McCormack
Photography courtesy of Anne McCormack


As I walked along a lower section of the river bank, I heard a voice say, “Excuse me.” A plant had caught ahold of my sleeve as if to catch my attention.

I stood there caressing it’s hardy green leaves when I heard these words:

“Don’t fear what you don’t know. You will be given guidance when you need it. You don’t always need to feel the ground beneath your feet in order for you to move forward. Be in the moment. Pay attention. As a result of listening, you will be shown where to place your feet.”

The plant who caught my attention this morning
Photograph courtesy of Anne McCormack

I stood there holding these leaves in my hand with tears running down my cheeks. Accompanied by the tears, a feeling of love and the gratitude swelled up from deep within me. The clarity I had been seeking was a reminder of what I already knew.

The Power of Nature

This morning’s adventure reinforced for me what a powerful cheerleader nature is for me. Nature brings me back to a space of balance. In addition to the wisdom of the plant life, the vibrance and sounds soothe away harshness and reminds me of what is needed for wellbeing.

Just to share with you the beauty of Riwaka Resurgence.

Lovitude Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind

Anne McCormack is author of the book, Lovitude: Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind and the award-winning, Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers.

Feature photo courtesy of Anne McCormack

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