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The Art of Goal Setting

I have a knack for setting myself goals and achieving them. From a young age I have achieved some wonderful feats in my life through setting goals and going for it. So I thought I would share with you some of my tips on how you can set achievable targets with success.

What do You Desire?

Before you begin setting goals, take some time to ponder on what you would like to achieve this year. How do you see your life evolving? What are some ways you can make this happen? How would your life look once you implement these changes?

What Are You Going to Do About It?

There are a couple of things you need to be mindful of as you determine how to achieve your objectives. Below are some things that may influence how you choose to go about attaining your desired success.

Set an Attainable Goal

Your goal needs to be one that is readily achievable with discipline. Your journey is about how you can empower yourself to make things happen rather than solely relying on outside resources to manifest. The key is to be realistic and creative with your resources.

Let Your Creativity Flow

People are able to achieve amazing things with relatively little. So often I have observed people postponing the journey toward their goal because they don’t have the desired resources.

One thing I have learnt living in New Zealand is about good old Kiwi ingenuity. A couple of cable ties, a bungee cord and a stick of two-by-four and miracles can be created! Old school New Zealanders are renown creatively finding solutions to problems using the resources they have available to them. If you want to be inspired by this creative genius, treat yourself to viewing the movie about Burt Munro, ‘The World’s Fastest Indian‘. We can apply this mindset to our own goals.

You want to set up your own website but can’t afford a web developer? Get on line and explore WordPress or one of the other easy to use, free website tools readily available. Teach yourself how to create your dream by watching Youtube clips with step-by-step instructions.

Just explore and play without expectations on yourself and see what happens.

It is All About Continual Gratification

Ensure your goal can be broken down into small easily-attainable smaller goals that can be celebrated along your journey.

I am quite a goal-oriented person, so celebrating the achievement of goals is something that keeps me focussed. If I am losing weight, I break down my journey to 5kg levels and I take the time to celebrate the achievement at every stage. This may be in the form of a treat in the form of a new piece of clothing or an experience I have been looking forward to.

Make the Goal a Part of Your Life With Ease

Make a list of at least five things you can do to help you achieve your goal. Think about how you can incorporate these activities into your day.

The key here is to find ways to introduce these changes so they are not a burden on your busy life. For instance, I am aiming to get fitter and lose some weight. The way I will be introducing exercise into my daily life is by either walking or riding my bicycle into work each day instead of driving the car.

Making Your Task a Treat Not a Chore

My intent is to take some time at the beginning and end of my working day to focus on being present. Walking through gardens and along rivers is the perfect way to do this. So, my walk home each day will incorporate a detour through my favourite community flower garden and along a section of river.

Banishing Bad Influences & Finding the Good Ones

When we introduce change to our world, those close to us do not always like what is happening. It can be unsettling for others. Instead of owning their discomfort, sometimes these people seek to sabotage through words or actions.

During times of change we discover who our true friends and allies are. It is at this stage that we can make choices about who we spend time with. For many, unfortunately it is this big decision that can derail our ambitions.

Please remember, for every person discourages you, there are three more standing on the sidelines waiting to cheer you on. When you begin making choices about who and what you want in your life, and as you let go of the people and experiences that are not for your highest good, magic happens.

As you seek supportive communities, likeminded souls will find you. You will not be alone for long.

As you embark on 2019 with the wisdom of retrospect and the ambition for the future, take the time to daydream about what is possible. Then start walking the path forward with wonder. And enjoy the magic that happens!

Lovitude Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind

Anne McCormack is author of the book, Lovitude: Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind and the award-winning, Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers.

Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay

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