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Have you ever felt ostracised by a group of people for speaking you truth?  Do you feel you lack support?

When a group of people come together to form a society with perceived common values, beliefs and goals, the group tends to develop into an organism of its own accord.  Whilst this is happening the members appear to have no sense of control over it.  In fact, they often seem to be completely unaware. Therefore, when individuals depart the group it’s like they are coming out of a trance.

As a united force a group is invincible. Their rationalisations become their collective truth.  A sense of righteousness within the group is borne when observing the actions or beliefs of “outsiders”.  As a result, those members who express differing opinions are pressured by other members to conform.  Other members, viewing the pressure on the “dissenter”, don’t express their personal doubts and differing opinions within the group forum so as to avoid conflict. 

Why Does It Happen?

When a person steps outside the norm and flouts the accepted social conventions, they eventually become an outcast. Subsequently they remain alone until such a time they are able to connect with other likeminded individuals who hold the same shared values, beliefs and practices.  

I remember whilst studying Durkheimian social theory in my younger days studying Sociology at university, reading somewhere that social solidarity forms the glue that binds individuals to a set of common values, beliefs and practices.  This commonality promotes security, safety and certainty.  The education system, popular media, the police and legal system helps to protect this commonality to a large degree. 

Does all of this sound familiar to you?  Being spurned by a group of people you have held near and dear is often a hurtful, uncomfortable, confronting experience to endure.  Feelings of betrayal, anger and disillusionment tend to surface.  In retrospect you may feel resentful at the amount of energy you expended on this group of people.  It seems like there is no emotional or physical support.

How Can You Flip It Around?

As bitter a pill as it is to swallow, there is a flip side to this whole situation which is fairly exciting.  When you choose to stand up and act outside of the norm, you are effectively releasing the shackles that society has placed around you.  Sure, you may have been lulled into a false sense of security with the people you have surrounded yourself with.  However, by being true to your own thoughts and feelings you have freed your soul.

Whilst you are pushed to emotionally and mentally retreat from those who you used to be close to, the Universal Law of Attraction now has room to bring into your experience people who resonate with your values and beliefs.  You will not be on your own for long, if you choose not to be!  There is support around you.  You just need to reach out.


Here is some inspiration about Connectedness from my book, Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers

You belong.
Open your heart to the world around you.
Seek out the company of like-minded others.
The Universal Law of Attraction
is at play.

Somebody may be absent right now – but it doesn’t mean they’re not with you.  Those dearest to our hearts live there for eternity. Know that even though you might feel alone, you never really are. Remember that you’re surrounded by people, plants, animals and energies that resonate, and can help to uplift you.

Every living thing is supported with food, water, oxygen and nutrients. Animals are  just as sensitive as we are to human emotions and vulnerabilities. My life on a small farm in rural New Zealand has taught me to become more attuned to the world around me. I walk up to trees, touch their leaves and receive their insights. I feel the anxiety, fear and love of my animals, helping me to radiate more love and care towards them – and in turn, they respond.

People may be pushing your buttons right now, exacerbating your stress levels with their gestures and words. It’s okay to take time out by yourself. In nature you can find compassionate healing, with no need to explain yourself. Seek out the places that provide a feeling of gentleness and connectedness that soothes your soul.

Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom Of Flowers, Successful Writer

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