Peacock Dreaming

Dawn of Change

No two sunrises are identical. The only thing they have in common is that the sun rises on the same axis every morning. A beautiful sunrise is an apt metaphor for how we deal with change in our daily lives.

With each sunrise, the conditions are unique. The way the breeze blows on the pools of water remaining from the ebbing tide. The cloud formations refracting the early morning glow. The rippled patterns carved into the sand.

Change is inevitable. It’s the one thing that’s always guaranteed. Life is a sculpture that you mould like clay into a form that resonates with your being. Modifications and adjustments are made as time progresses. A pinch here. A smoothing over there. The sculpting reflects our state of mind and the choices we subsequently make.

Two photographs taken in the same area on the same beach on two different mornings – different cloud formations, different tides, different undulations, different light – but both equally beautiful!

Don’t Wait For Perfection

A moment of perfection is fleeting. Nothing remains exactly the same forever. There needs to be room for your evolution. If everything remained the same, you would stagnate. If you believe you can create a reality and trust in it, you will manifest your vision when the conditions (and your mindset) are in alignment. You are an artisan. A creator of magic.


When you allocate responsibility to another to create your world, you bring a world of risk to your doorstep. How well do they really know your inner being? Will they mould your world into a form that benefits the other but doesn’t sate you? How can you truly be a co-creator when you abdicate your personal responsibility?

Be Entranced

Allow the magnetic ‘push and pull’ of your dreams to capture you. Become enveloped in how it feels, smells, looks and tastes. Immerse yourself so that it’s so tangible that it’s real to you – even though it may not have manifested just yet. There is a saying – “energy flows where the attention goes”. The more positive energy you can direct to your goals, the more there is for the Universe to work with. And the more tangible your vision is to you, the more real it is. The easier it is for you to identify the stepping stones to achieving your vision.

Every action (no matter how small) contributes to giving your vision life. When you are in a space of creation, you invite inspiration into your world. There is flow!

Anne McCormack is the author of ‘Lovitude: Trying to Calm the Monkey Mindand award-winning ‘Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom of Flowers’, the creator of the Lovitude Series Aromatherapy Range. She is also a Health & Wellness Coach as well as a Psychic Medium, Clinical Aromatherapist, Healing Facilitator and Author who works from The Peacock Dreaming Studio in Oxford (New Zealand).
Anne very recently made the very big decision of stepping outside her comfort zone and honouring her internal compass by moving to a new city to explore those opportunities that have been revealing themselves.

All photographs in this article were taken by Anne McCormack

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