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The Art of Trust

How much do you give away your power because you lack trust?

Lately this has been a recurring lesson that has confronted me from all angles. Not just in my mediumship work, but also in most other parts of my life. Historically, I’ve been one to plan, programme and consider contingency. However, lately I’ve unbolted the training wheels. And my bike is wobbling all over the place as I try to bring everything into balance.

There is an Osho Zen tarot card, aptly named Trust which speaks of jumping off a cliff without reservation. The leap is taken with a sense of thrill at the free-fall and without a sense of foreboding. Instead, as this card shows, once you put the monkey mind to one side, a whole world of possibilities open up. You become the creator of your own destiny. Not hindered by limitation or fear or judgement, you’re driven by your own curiosity and sense of adventure.

From Osho Zen Tarot, Copyright Osho International Foundation

Trusting your gut

We underestimate the depth of our inner wisdom. Time and again I’ve found myself second-guessing my intuition. In case I’ve made a mistake, I check myself repeatedly. Sometimes I do this many times in the space of minutes, to test the variance in potential outcomes. I usually find that my initial gut instinct was accurate. What would it take to deactivate this crappy habit? Imagine the energy saved by being confident in what your intuition is telling you!

Lately I’ve been using the “light feels right” approach to decision making. When I have a decision to make and I have numerous alternatives, I’ll imagine each of those scenarios. If the feeling accompanying that vision is heavy, it’s not for me. If it feels light and fizzy, it’s definitely something I should be exploring further.

Get out of your head

It’s easy to get caught on the mental mouse wheel. Habitual cyclical thought patterns return us to a place of weakness and limitation. We can convince ourselves of anything. It’s possible to become a villain, a victim or a superhero.

It’s scary how easy it is to develop negative thought patterns, particularly during difficult times when we feel battered and bruised psychologically. More than ever, during these moments treating ourselves with gentleness and loving kindness is crucial.

Developing a mindfulness ritual can help. Going for walks in nature. Paying attention to yourself and the world around you. Slowing things down so you’re able to identify any patterns that don’t serve you, and introducing new habits that create a shift.

Changeability & Free Will

Human beings have free will. And it’s because of this the dynamics in any situation are changeable moment to moment. You can’t control what another contributes to a situation. However, you can rely on your own input.

How do we nurture a healthier sense of self-reliance that renders us less susceptible to the changeability to those around us?

Have you noticed how much you rely on others? It’s one thing to ask for help. However, it’s another matter entirely to hand over responsibility to another person to the point where you convince yourself you can’t achieve an outcome without them. I found out the hard way how debilitating this habit of co-dependence is.

I reclaimed my personal power, and educated myself. Taking hold of the reins has gifted me the added bonus of gaining confidence in my ability to handle situations. Where there is self-reliance in this respect and a hunger for learning new skills, there is growth. The potential for creation without limitation has evolved.

New beginnings

Leaping into the unknown mindfully and consciously has invited a fresh newness into my life. A feeling of peace and calm teamed with exhilaration has emerged as I embark on a journey of trust in myself and my own journey. Over the past few years there isn’t too much in my life that has remained static. Everything has evolved into a state of flux.

There is not much clutter left in my life to block the doorway to possibilities. The pathway is clear. And as long as I continue to back myself mindfully there is nothing that can stand in my way.

Anne McCormack is the author of ‘Lovitude: Trying to Calm the Monkey Mindand award-winning ‘Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom of Flowers’, the creator of the Lovitude Series Aromatherapy Range. She is also a Health & Wellness Coach as well as a Psychic Medium, Clinical Aromatherapist, Healing Facilitator and Author who works from The Peacock Dreaming Studio in Oxford (New Zealand).

Feature image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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