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Honour Your Unique Psychic Gifts

Why do we feel so compelled to compare ourselves to other people? During the past week, I’ve observed people dismissing their unique psychic gifts, instead wishing they could be like someone else.

I recently attended two spiritual development workshops. One workshop entailed reading flowers while during the other workshop we read auras. The experiences really highlighted how so many of us dismiss our own gifts as we compare ourselves to another.

We all experience life differently

“I’m not very good at this because I can’t see.” “I don’t want to go after her as I’m not going to be as good.” “I can’t do this.”

These weren’t excuses. They were heartfelt beliefs that stemmed from the participants not realising the potency of their own unique intuitive gifts. Everyone processes information differently. Some of us see, while others feel. Then there are those who hear and those that just seem to know things.

I’m an ‘off the scale’ feeler. This is how I process the world around me. Over the past few years, my other senses have developed also to the point where I now hear and see as well.

Spirit will always utilise our memories & experiences

Another Medium suggested that while I my clairvoyance and clairaudience have seemingly developed more over the years, perhaps it’s because my other senses are helping me to form pictures in my mind’s eye so I can better describe the information I’m receiving. In other words, my imagination and memories are being used to better understand messages so I can communicate them more clearly.

With this in mind, why would we ever be expected to function the same as the person sitting next to us?

Magic happens when self-judgement stops

In both the flower reading and the aura workshops, magic happened when participants stopped comparing themselves to others.

Once the mind was still, and when the participants focussed solely on their personal experiences and just spoke what came to them – without second guessing. All of a sudden the “I can’t” statements transformed into “Wow, I can..” The readings were spot on and nothing short of amazing. Just like that, a room full of people began honouring their unique psychic gifts!

Anne McCormack is a Nelson (NZ)-based Psychic Medium with a passion for spiritualism, healing facilitation, writing and photography.
She is also a Health & Wellness Coach as well as a Clinical Aromatherapist, Healing Facilitator and Author who works from The Peacock Dreaming Studio in Oxford (New Zealand).
Anne is available for private readings by appointment. Click here to find out how to make your booking.

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