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Never Forgotten. Always Loved.

My mediumship work constantly shows me how infinite life is and how limitless love is. Last weekend I had the great honour of reading for a group of lovely ladies at a local retirement village. The experience was both profound and humbling.

I didn’t know anything about the ladies before I met them. When Maggie* booked the readings, she mentioned the ladies had an action-packed afternoon planned. I therefore assumed I was a fill-in activity – something different to while away the morning. It was much more than that. Much more.

I often feel that people are more interested in the psychic side of things and wanting to know what is happening in the future. I often feel that the connection to the spirit world is a curiosity more than a heart-felt desire for many – a point to prove.

However, for the ladies in that retirement village the connection was a deep desire.

Keeping Love Alive

Each of these ladies had lost partners they had loved and cherished for most of their lives, men with whom they had shared secrets, dreams, heartaches and laughter with. What they were seeking was to feel all of that, and to know that it was still there.

As the readings progressed, one after the other memories flowed for each lady of moments experienced with their husbands

The evidence that came through was specific to the point where to me (the deliverer) it made little sense. However, their misty eyes were transported to a different time. A tangible connection was being made.

One gent even took the opportunity to tease his wife. And as she took the bait, I felt his delight at getting a rise out of her. As I described what I was feeling, she too in turn laughed while rolling her eyes. “Some things never change.”

A Sign

During one session, as I looked deep into one of my Peacock Dreaming oracle cards I mentioned I could see a feather. Not a white feather, but a brown feather that looked like it came from a duck.

This brown feather was significant to her husband. The lady’s tear-streaked smile broadened. It was her husband’s sign.


At the end of each reading, each lady in turn asked me, “So do you have any news for me? How is he? What does he have to say?”

Throughout each reading, the love that I had felt and the desire to connect and reminisce was evident with the playfulness and gentleness with which these men communicated.

These memories were like love letters and I was the courier. The message was that the love was still alive and everlasting, and that these men would be there when the time was right for reunion.

Checking In

When I finished reading for all of the ladies, I went out to Maggie’s dining room to sit with them and to ensure they were all okay. They were. It was back to business as usual, planning their busy afternoon of activity.

While I felt a mixed feeling of delight and grief with each lady, I also felt peace and love. While they had felt a closeness that they were no longer able to wrap their arms around. Their hearts were open and bursting with love.

*Maggie is not my client’s real name.

Anne McCormack is a Nelson (NZ)-based Psychic Medium with a passion for spiritualism, healing facilitation, writing and photography.
She is also a Health & Wellness Coach, Clinical Aromatherapist, Healing Facilitator and Author who works from The Peacock Dreaming Studio in Oxford (New Zealand).
Anne is available for private readings by appointment. Click here to find out how to make your booking.

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