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The Importance Of Grounding

Within our spiritual development, we are encouraged to meditate and to raise our vibrations to connect with the world of spirit.  So often, the importance of being grounded is forgotten and underrated. In fact, it is vital for our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Human beings are a conduit between the heavens and the earth.  We have the capacity to communicate with the spirit realms through feeling, sight, hearing, taste and knowing.  How often do you ask for and receive guidance and inspirations but get lost when trying to bring them into fruition?  You needed to be firmly connected to the earthplane to bring the insights and inspirations into physical reality.

When you are going through troubled, stressful times being grounded is something that will enable you to take stock of your predicament and enable you to see the way forward.

Here are ten ways to ground yourself:

No. 1:  Imagine You’re A Tree

Imagine you are a tree growing roots deep into the earth.  For an added kick to this visualisation, I like to envisage the groups growing deep into the earth until they reach a pool of pale pink light.  I then imagine the pink light being sucked up through the roots, up through my feet, up my legs and into my body.  As I exhale, I imagine the pink light moving out into my auric field, expanding until everything is caressed by the light.  

Sometimes when we are going through an emotionally difficult time when we are dealing with circumstances we would rather escape from, we escape from the here an now.  However, if we are able to slow our heads down and feel love around us, it helps.  This exercise not only grounds me but also connects me with the yummy source of unconditional love.

No. 2:  Being In Nature

Walking barefoot in nature is a surefire way to get grounded.  Actually, I find that surrounding myself in nature in general helps me to ground myself.  It doesn’t matter whether I am gardening, tramping or just sitting on a hillside or a rock taking in the view.

No. 3:  Being Mindful

Being mindful is an effective way of nurturing groundedness.  When we focus on the present moment and move with intent, we are conscious.  For me, being in nature blends perfectly with mindfulness as being surrounded by wildlife and nature makes me pay attention to the detail and the moment.  I find that after spending time with my journal or my camera I feel like I have been given a rest from my monkey mind.  In difficult times, mindfulness is my mini-holiday from my head.

No. 4:  Deep Breathing

Deep, regular breathing helps us to slow our heads down and allows us to connect with our bodies.  Breathe through your nose so that it feels like you are taking your breathe down to your stomach.  Do this over a count of ten.  Hold your breathe for a count of ten, then exhale through your mouth for a count of five.

No. 5:  The Coffee Plunger

Now, this is a nifty exercise I learnt whilst studying Kahuna Massage 11 years ago.  The best way to describe this exercise is to demonstrate it, so here is a video…

No. 6:  Balance Your Chakras

Your base chakra (located at your tailbone) is just as important as your other chakras.  Sometimes when we are working on our spiritual development, we tend to place emphasis on the top chakras, forgetting our more physical ones (the base chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus).  Having a strong and healthy base chakra will help you greatly in being grounded and in bringing your aspirations into fruition.

Peacock Dreaming

You can meditate on your chakras, imagining each of them glowing vibrantly in their relevant colours.  Sometimes you will notice that one or a few of them are not as vibrant as they should be.  You can pep them up by imagining them being infused with a cleansing white light until they glow.

You can also surround yourself with the colour of the chakra you are having difficulty with.  For your base chakra, surround yourself with the colour, red.  Wear red, eat red foods, and have a vase of red flowers on your desk.  Don’t underestimate the power of colour.  Crystals also work.

No. 7:  Eating Protein

Eating protein whether it be meat or vegetable helps with grounding.  Some say that grains also help.

No. 8:  Stamping Your Feet

Stamping your feet is said to help open the foot chakras and make contact with the ground.

No. 9:  Jogging

Running energises the legs and feet and revs up the metabolism.  I found that it was also a great form of meditation.

No. 10:  Using Essential Oils

Aromatherapy works wonderfully with grounding.  The woody essential oils like cedarwood, sandalwood, rosewood, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli and vetiver can be used in an oil diffuser or in a base oil like apricot oil and massaged in to the tailbone. If you are pregnant, it is best to use these essential oils in the diffuser rather than on your body.

Find What Works For You

There are so many other simple ways to ground yourself. It can be as easy as enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee or spending time with friends.  We are all different.  What works for one person may not work for another.  The key is exploring the options!

Lovitude Trying To Calm The Monkey MindAs well as being the author of Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers and Lovitude:  Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind, Anne McCormack is also a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist and Metaphysician who lives and works in Nelson, New Zealand.  Anne has practised and presented courses and workshops in Australia, and has been a guest speaker for organisations such as the NSW Encore Support Group for Breast Cancer and The Australian Acting Academy.

Keen to learn more?  Contact Anne today!

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