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My Psychic Development Journey

My personal journey of psychic development is not an overly dramatic tale to tell. No head traumas or near death experiences here.  I just needed to wake up from a deep sleep.

As a child, I was emotionally over-sensitive, and cried at the drop of hat.  I also nurtured beautiful interactions with imaginary friends with whom I talked to, and sang and danced with.  Not once did my family or I ever connect my “weirdness” with psychic ability.  There was little evidence of that when I was younger.

I have written snippets here and there about my psychic development in my mid-twenties.  My teenage and early adult years were what could be best described as “foggy”.  A term most reflecting my state of mind back then I guess.  As an adult revisiting old travel journals written in my early twenties, I realise there were magically synchronous moments where my sub-conscious mind was trying to nudge my oblivious “conscious” demeanour to beware and take action. I can only imagine that my Spirit team were wringing their hands in utter frustration (the words, “alas somethings never change!” just popped into my mind…hhmmm).  In my mid-thirties I learnt spirit were communicating with me through my dream state.  It is the avenue through which I received messages and insights into what was happening around me.

I had previously considered the mild post traumatic stress / anxiety disorder as being the catalyst for the heightening of my psychic sensitivities.  The perceived “heightening” of my clairsentience and clairvoyance was probably more due to me being present in the moment.  Before aromatherapy and remedial massage treatments I meditated before each client walked through the door.  I was aware of my own self, and I noted visions and feelings emanating from those around me.  I received confirmation that what I was feeling and seeing was accurate for them.

Confirmation and Mindfulness

My metaphysics studies and my work within development circles at the local spiritualist church helped me learn stillness and connection.  It expanded my awareness.  I also received a lot of confirmation in regard to the accuracy of my feelings and visions.  Like a kid with a new toy, I sought connection actively with the spirit world.  I asked questions.  Those questions were often answered in my journal where my pen danced over the page in a writing style that was not my own.

Just as I had danced and connected with my imaginary friends as a kid, I was now doing the same as an adult.  Although now, it was with an understanding there was more to it.  My commitment to working with spirit and facilitating healing made my communion with the spirit world a tangible and extremely special relationship.  I adored their love so much, and the thrill of working with them.  So much so that being in meditation became a priority over functioning on the earth plane.

Coming Back Down To Earth

My priorities needed to change for a while.  Whilst the spirit world remained close by, functioning in my daily life became a focus.  Planting my two feet firmly on the earth I sought a regular office job. I focussed on getting my physical life in order.  My spirit team are so patient.  As I stepped away from my routine of deep meditation, I went about living my earthbound life in a ‘gung-ho’ fashion, and got myself into all sorts of mischief which through my dream state I received advance warnings with premonitions of difficult situations.  My spirit team and I all knew that whilst I was needing to step away from intense development work, I would revisit my commitment to work with them eventually.

When The Time Is Right

One night about eighteen months ago, whilst visiting a local spiritualist gathering, I had a light bulb moment.  It was time to reconnect with my commitment to spirit.  It had been ten years since I had thrown myself into my initial communion with the spirit world. The planets aligned, kindred souls came together and formed a development circle locally.  A teacher also arrived from the United Kingdom for a short visit to inspire and motivate.

The connection and communication with the spirit world continues to become stronger as I learn the language with which they are choosing to communicate with me.  It is a beast that seems to be forever evolving.  Throughout my journey thus far I have learnt my psychic development journey is interlinked and inseparable from my spiritual development journey.  So often many of us focus on the psychic development side of things whilst leaving our self-care sitting on the sidelines.

A Lifetime Learning Curve

The spiritual journey for me is about experiencing this earthbound life in colour, savouring experiences in fullness.  My spirit team support me in my aim for balance and moderation.  We work well together.   There is no push to sacrifice my health or body for the sake of another.  They know I do my best work when I am whole and healthy.  I try to take responsibility and accountability for that and they support my decision to do so.  Learning the art of mindfulness and being in the moment has played such a key part in my personal journey so far.  My development as a clairvoyant / clairsentient medium has been an interesting learning curve.  It will no doubt remain that way for the rest of my life.

Share in the comments below a little about your personal psychic and spiritual development journey.  What was the moment you realised you could read energies?


Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom Of FlowersAs well as being the author of Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers, the Peacock Dreaming Oracle Deck and Lovitude:  Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind, Anne McCormack is also a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, Metaphysician and Clairvoyant/Clairsentient Medium in Nelson, New Zealand.  Anne has practised and presented courses and workshops in Australia, and has been a guest speaker for organisations such as the NSW Encore Support Group for Breast Cancer and The Australian Acting Academy.

Anne regularly does platform work (or public demonstration of her mediumship skills) at the local Spiritualist Churches.  She is available for readings online via email.  

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