Meanings – This Week’s Peacock Dreaming Oracle Cards

Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom of Flowers

Peacock Dreaming Oracle Card No. 1

Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom Of Flowers

An open heart empowers an open mind.

The love you seek is all around you.

Go with the flow.

Most of us are born into love, but we grow seeking love as though it is no longer around us. We seek love and approval from parents, trying to win their acceptance. We seek love and acceptance from friends, and even from strangers. When did love become so conditional?

Our culture of judging and using love as a carrot on a stick has blinded us to the fact that there is a deep pool of unconditional love within ourselves. If we draw on this pool, we have the capacity to experience love at all times, without limitation.

We buy into our ‘judgment and acceptance’ culture because that is what we’re taught by those who have not yet taken the dive into the unconditional love pool.

Time to go swimming!

Peacock Dreaming Oracle Card No. 2

Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom of Flowers

Why put off celebrations until tomorrow,

when you can experience

the joy and excitement today.

You are blessed

to be surrounded

by such abundance.

Celebrate even the small things in your life. Don’t just wait for the grander plans to manifest. The more you generate an energy of celebration, the more opportunities for celebration you will attract.

Celebrate your body with dance and good food. Celebrate those special to you with warm thoughts and gestures. Celebrate the beauty of nature by taking the time to appreciate it.

Celebrate other people’s successes. Feel their joy and excitement as if it were your own. Celebrate your uniqueness by not hiding it under a bushel, for fear of judgment. Stand proud and wear your uniqueness like a badge of honour, for it is what makes you special.

Honour and celebrate yourself, and honour and celebrate others. In turn, they’ll do the same for you!

Peacock Dreaming Oracle Card No. 3

Allow yourself time,

for the tears will pass.

Tears cleanse.

A time of renewal will follow

when you are ready.

Sometimes loss seems hard to bear. Tears are shed, and emotions are raw. At this time, we are at our most vulnerable.

Healing takes time, and the pace at which this happens varies from person to person. Everyone has a unique process of healing to go through. The journey is dependent on, and influenced by our relationships with ourselves, and those around us.  When another tries to place a timeframe on your grief, remember this often about their own feelings of discomfort. If someone tells you to ‘snap out of it’, remember that your wounds are merely reflecting back to them their own – so shower them in unconditional love and healing.

Rest in a place where you feel most peaceful. Take the time to feel and listen to your heart. Talk to your loved ones, tell them how much you care. Though you miss them, they’re always around you, with your angels and spirit guides, eager to fill your heart with healing light.

Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom Of Flowers, Successful Writer

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