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Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom Of Flowers

You belong.
Open your heart to the world around you.
Seek out the company of like-minded others.
The Universal Law of Attraction
is at play.


Somebody may be absent right now – but it doesn’t mean they’re not with you.  Those dearest to our hearts live there for eternity. Know that even though you might feel alone, you never really are. Remember that you’re surrounded by people, plants, animals and energies that resonate, and can help to uplift you.

Every living thing is supported with food, water, oxygen and nutrients. Animals are  just as sensitive as we are to human emotions and vulnerabilities. My life on a small farm in rural New Zealand has taught me to become more attuned to the world around me. I walk up to trees, touch their leaves and receive their insights. I feel the anxiety, fear and love of my animals, helping me to radiate more love and care towards them – and in turn, they respond.

People may be pushing your buttons right now, exacerbating your stress levels with their gestures and words. It’s okay to take time out by yourself. In nature you can find compassionate healing, with no need to explain yourself. Seek out the places that provide a feeling of gentleness and connectedness that soothes your soul.



Following your happiness
leads you to the core of your spirit and your life’s purpose.
Trust in yourself
and what you have to offer.
Ignite your passion!


When we are on the right path, joy is a magical life force that bubbles up to the surface. Everything flows, everything is love. And when we can stand in our light, and effuse who we really are out into the ether, those with compatible interests are drawn near.

You need to trust in yourself and your capabilities, for you are far more talented than you give yourself credit for. When you live your truth and follow your dreams with every fibre of your being, your joy can burn bright like a flame.

It takes courage to stand in your truth, to be open and honest with who you are, as you are. Not everyone is going to accept you, or relate to your passions. However, know that the Universal Law of Attraction is at play.

The road may be bumpy, and you may be tested. Some may try to dissuade you from pursuing your goal. Trust in yourself. Break down the goal into smaller tasks, and bit by bit, work towards your end game.

Some of you may not yet know what your life’s purpose is . You may feel like you’ve have dabbled in so much, scattering your energies here and there, but nothing has really inspired you. It’s time to just be still. Slow down and focus your energies. Spend some quiet time on your own, and meditate on what stirs you, on what grabs your attention.

Please remember that to truly appreciate joy, sometimes you need to be sorrowful. You would take joy for granted otherwise. However, sorrow will inspire you to embrace your joy even more.

Don’t stay in sorrow for long. Simply acknowledge it, then focus on appreciating what’s beautiful – for that beauty is waiting to lead you back to your natural state of JOY!



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