Lovitude Series Pulse Point Blend – Hope


Beautiful 10ml blend in a roll-on glass bottle. Perfect for your purse or pocket.

All Lovitude Series Pulse Point Blends are in a 2.5% dilution of Apricot Oil. They are therefore ideal for using on your skin.


*Please Note:  If you have hypertension, are pregnant or are on blood thinning medications, please take care with this pulse point blend. I’m happy to do a custom-blend for you to help with clarity using other essential oils that are more suitable for your condition.  Please contact me by completing the form below.



Peacock Dreaming

Peacock Dreaming

A range of aromatherapy products specially designed to enhance your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

A New Pulse Point Blend

created by qualified Aromatherapist, Anne McCormack

Now Available

Peacock Dreaming


Want to know more about how aromatherapy can help you cope with anxiety and depression?

Check out this article


Click here to find out more about the creator of this beautiful product?


Also available at

The Peacock Dreaming Studio

Shop 3, 121 New Brighton Mall

Christchurch (New Zealand)





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