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As we settle down into a time of self-isolation for the next few weeks, many of us are struggling with the notion that we are not able to hug and be near our favourite people during this stressful time. Sometimes words are simply not enough. And when you can’t speak or write it’s even harder tougher.

About five months ago I received a reminder that when it comes to connection between people, distance is irrelevant.

I often thought about a friend of mine who was traipsing the wilds of Western Nepal. I thought of him a lot. However, there were certain times of the day I could picture him clearly. On one such occasion I felt stressed, headachy, breathless and nauseas as I imagined him in the mountains.

Sending Healing Energy

As I walked to work, I asked my higher self to align with his, and I asked whether he would like some healing energy sent. On receiving the ‘green light’, I imagined healing energy and love coming down from the Universe, entering the back of my heart chakra, passing through to the front of my heart chakra and over to him wherever he was. The healing light and love entered through the back of his heart chakra and travelled wherever needed.

I continued to visualise. The discomfort I’d been experiencing subsided. Later that day, I sent him an email saying, “Hey, you popped into my head today really strongly while I was at work (around 12ish NZ time).  Felt lungs trying to get air and head pounding. Hope the care package of healing energy sent reached you okay and that some comfort followed soon after.”

Two weeks later, I received a reply (as he had just arrived in a town with internet coverage). He confirmed what I had picked up on. And as it turns out, at the time I’d been thinking of him, he’d been thinking of me.

Not Out of the Ordinary

My immediate family are very close, and these sorts of occurrences happen a lot with us.

When my sister was going through Cancer a few years ago, I would often get an urge to send her a message or phone her. And more often than not, what I said was often what she needed to hear in that moment. Likewise, she often makes contact when I most need to hear her voice. And my amazing Mum has a talent for astral travelling whenever my sister and I are going through challenging times (and details of these experiences (times and conversations) have been confirmed at a later date.

Think About Your Own Experiences

These amazing things don’t just happen with me and my family, they happen with many people around me. They wonder, “why am I thinking of this person so much lately”. They then later find out why.

More than ever we all need to remember our ability to be able to connect energetically. We can touch another’s heart by thinking of them with love and sending them selfless loving, healing thoughts. There may be physical distance between us, but we are all interwoven and are very much a large part of one another’s lives.

Take heart, my friends. And keep shining your love light!

Lovitude Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind

Anne McCormack is author of the book, Lovitude: Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind and the award-winning, Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers.

Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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