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The Urge To Know & Do

There is an inner force that drives us to divine our future. When are we going to meet that significant other? Will he or she be faithful? Is there success on the horizon? Unfortunately though, instead of relying on our own intuition for the answers, we seek counsel from external entities believing they are far more potent.

We are also programmed with the belief that failure occurs due to lack of preparation, planning and persistence. If we rehearse, rehearse and rehearse again the unforeseen will not impact our progress so much. We will strategise and map out our every move on the chessboard of life. If we keep going irrespective of what stands in our way, we will succeed in the end.

The Urge To Know & Do Has Always Been There

Throughout the ages this need to know what is looming has always existed, as has the courage to leap into battle irrespective of threats.

Throughout history, prophets (those of us who see, feel, hear and know things beyond the physical realm) have used their abilities to guide leaders concerning the best battle strategies. Intuition has always been regarded a source of power.


Humanity has never quite understood the nature of this intuitive power though. It has been perceived by most as being an external force rather than something that exists within each and every one of us.

There have always been individuals that baulk at mainstream societal conventions. However, in general the masses have historically handed their personal power over to others.

Whether it is the church, governments, kings and queens, or charismatic leaders, human beings have always been far too willing to stifle their inner knowing in the belief these afore-mentioned entities must know how to make change and success happen. Throughout history this pattern has been on repeat cycle. Trump is a prime example.

The Battle of the Ego

Now more than ever, human beings are called upon to trust their own intuition. We all have it. It resides within us and urges us to take action which sometimes our logical mind struggles with.

Too readily we dismiss that knowing or voice or vision we get as being our imagination playing tricks. However, this is our ego believing it knows best. Our ego has a habit of reminding us of the perception that we are not good enough, smart enough or attractive enough. In my case, today my ego was insisting I was not resilient enough.

This afternoon I struggled with my own ego who was adamant she was heading for a long walk to a waterfall irrespective of any obstacles encountered. And trust me, the deterrents were varied.

The GPS wasn’t working properly, I kept missing the turn off, and it was getting to a time in the day when the walk would have been rushed and stressful. In my mind I heard a voice say, “Take the time to enjoy this pleasant drive.  Take it in. Savour the moment.”

Being more intent on the destination than the journey, I became frustrated and stressed. I was also keen to rebel against my ego’s perception that I was not resilient enough.

Eventually I arrived to the beginning of the walking track. I was greeted with an overflowing carpark, and an impassable throng of intoxicated adolescent men pushing and shoving each other on the skinny footbridge leading to the walkway in a bid to dive-bomb off the edge of the bridge into the rockpool below. I felt uneasy with pushing past them to proceed with my walk.

My inner guidance had been trying to steer me towards my goal of savouring the delight of being in the moment (which is what the walk would have provided me anyway). As I sat there driving though, I had inadvertently handed my power over to my ego when I bought into frustration and self-judgement.

Take the Power Back

As we step into the new year and the new age, focus on owning your personal power in all its glory.

It is natural to be curious about what the future holds. However, instead of seeking the answers from another person or religion or leader, take the time to listen to what your soul is telling you. When you do seek the guidance from another, utilise it as a way of confirming what you intuit for yourself. When the words of another do not feel right or light, this is as much confirmation as someone telling you what your intuition has already shed light on.

Also, don’t dismiss the urge to act or speak when you feel compelled. And when that little voice within you that implores you to do something different, listen to it.

It could be the beginning of something wonderful!

Lovitude Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind

Anne McCormack is author of the book, Lovitude: Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind and the award-winning, Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers.

Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay

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