The Humble Art of Manifestation

Sometimes what you ask for does not always materialise in the way you envisage.  Manifestation and the Universal Law of Attraction are funny like that.

For the past few weeks I have been telling myself that I need to exercise more.  The arch-procrastinator within has consistently found a million and one priorities ahead of getting mobile.  As many of you know from my last post, I had promised myself 21 days to wellness, and last week I had a wee bit of a false start out of the blocks.  Today I started the programme again.  The universe is answering my call for more exercise like you wouldn’t believe.  An accomplice has apparently signed up to ensure that requested exercise is properly manifested in such a way that I am unable to find excuses not to engage.

Who is this wondrous, influential accomplice I hear you ask?  Well, here she is…

The humble art of manifesting

Twice today she stuck her head through the fence on the really steep part of the property.  This meant I had to go walkabout to find her then climb up (or down) to get her out of her embarrassing predicament.  Then I had to slide my arse down the hill without somersaulting my way to the bottom.

The Moral Of This Story?

Sometimes what you ask the universe to provide doesn’t always materialise in the way you imagine it.  Just like my goaty friend, the universe and I have a warped sense of humour.  When I am in the flow with mindfulness I can clearly see what is being manifested.  I am able to go with the flow, laugh about it, and appreciate it for what it is.  When I am distracted and not in the flow, I miss the gift of humour and her goofiness.  When I am angry and frustrated I don’t appreciate her snuggles.  I don’t express gratitude.


Would I have chosen to manifest more exercise in a different way?

Yes, probably.  Do I savour the vibrance and humour the situation has presented?  Absolutely.  Far better than running on a treadmill or walking along a street or riding my bike through a park.  For me, the exercise opportunities have manifested for me in a perfectly imperfect way.

Better go and check her Royal Highness hasn’t ducked back out to get her head stuck again.

Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom Of Flowers, Successful WriterAnne McCormack is author of the book, Lovitude: Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind and the award-winning, Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers.


Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay



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  1. Carl De Rome says:

    I enjoyed this story and smiled at the composition of your photo of ‘The Goat”.

    Thanks for this, Anne.

  2. This was nice! The thing I love about life the most is the unexpectedness of it.

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