Living Your Purpose

What Makes You Fizz? Living Your Purpose

Have you ever felt a strong pull to do something with your life?  You close your eyes and you see the most beautiful, exciting, fulfilling world in which you create magic.  In response the universe cheers you on with an abundance of opportunity and inspiration.  This happens when you are living your purpose.

I can say this with conviction as I accidentally tripped and fell on to that path in my mid twenties.  It had all happened so unexpectedly.  I had been working as a personal assistant with a company in Sydney whilst studying aromatherapy and remedial massage part-time in the evenings.  Around that time my emotional health took a turn for the worse and I was forced to step away from office work.  After a week or two of exploring opportunities with alternative healing clinics, I found myself a position in a place ironically called Destiny.

I remember so vividly the tingly feeling I got from doing what I love.  I worked hard.  Really hard.  When I was in the flow and mindful it was the best feeling in the world. Unfortunately I didn’t understand much about work-life balance back then, or about looking after myself, or about finances.  I burnt myself out and I became an empty vessel after a couple of years.  I was forced to take a step back and rebuild.

For a while now, I have been experiencing the call of that familiar fizzy feeling again.  The desire to facilitate healing within others (and within myself) has never left me.  It calls my name constantly.  I dream of it.  I yearn for it.

When The Time Is Right

All those years ago, I had the budding skill and the passion.  However, I didn’t have the maturity or the self-esteem to balance myself.  As a forty-seven year old woman I look back on my twenty-five year old self and I see how far I have come.  I acknowledge how little I really knew back then as I realise I am only right at the beginning of my learning journey.

Whilst the desire to practice healing work again has been brewing within me for many years.  I have been exploring other ways to facilitate healing through writing and through photography.  However, my palms still burn. I close my eyes and my being expands into infinity.  It is like returning to love time and again.

Feeling The Fear

I firmly believe in moving forward in life, and not looking back to what was.  Facilitating a healing process within another person is like returning home to me.  I am not the same person I was all those many years ago.  Of course, the core of me is the same being.  But I have evolved, matured and grown.  I have a different experience of the world.  My skill-set is different too.  I have much more to offer these days.

Despite this knowing, I have fallen prey to the judgement of others (and worse still, to the judgement of myself).  Scared crapless about taking a wrong step, of disappointing others, for the past few years I have been standing on the banks of this fast-flowing river.  My desire to be swept away tempered by my fear of not being enough.

Sometimes You Need To Honour What Feels Right

When I am just being – without judgement, I am more than enough.  I am as I am meant to be, where I am meant to be.  The other night I felt compelled to do more than dip my toe in the flowing waters. I had just arrived home from an evening doing public demonstrations at the local spiritualist church (my first ever solo experience).  I felt enlivened, brave, peaceful and electrified. It was like my pilot flame has been reignited.  I have been cooking with gas ever since (*boom tish*).

That evening as I stood in front of the congregation, I gave up my self-judgement.  I stood there in humility offering whatever came forth, choosing not to judge whether it was healing or psychic or mediumship.  I just let it out.  Most of the time it was a blend of healing and mediumship, coupled with bountiful opportunities to learn more about how my guidance wants to work with me.  Instead of self-flagellating for mis-interpreting what Spirit was showing me, I felt blessed by people coming up to me afterward to confirm and clarify.  What I see, feel and hear is real – I just need to interpret the symbols given by Spirit.  My desire to learn my Spirit dialect is fuelled.  The desire to be of service to Spirit and to my fellow sentient beings gathering momentum.

The fizz is intoxicating.  Lately I have been reading and listening to podcasts about following the tingle and lightness.  It is your light strewn life path, guiding to what makes you shine your inner light.  Even better, it happens when you are being in your essence.  Everything flows in this space.  Inspiration and creativity is sparked.  At every turn, you can check in and use that fizzy light feeling as your navigation tool.

Stay Tuned For Peacock Magic

What more can I say?  There is some serious peacock magic about to be unleashed on the world.  Curious?  Well, you will just have to follow me to find out more, wont you!


What is stopping you from honouring your inner fizz?  How can you overcome the fear of ‘going with it’?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to hear from you.


Peacock Dreaming The Wisdom Of Flowers, Successful WriterAs well as being the author of Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom Of Flowers and Lovitude:  Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind, Anne McCormack is also a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist who lives in works in Nelson, New Zealand.  Anne has practised and presented courses and workshops in Australia, and has been a guest speaker for organisations such as the NSW Encore Support Group for Breast Cancer. 


  1. Elsie says:

    Congratulations on stepping out with passion and purpose.well done???????????

    1. Thank you, Elsie. xx

  2. Gail Lynch says:

    Hi Anne, I needed to read this today. Is it natural to experience a gamut of emotions in one day, to cry at nothing, to isolate oneself from the outside world for periods of time. I am having difficulty discovering my life’s purpose, but I give myself permission and just be in the moment and trust. Thanks for sharing your experience and gifts. Cheers Gail.?

    1. Hi Gail, I had one of those days yesterdays of feeling a gamut of emotions… feeling sorrow yet happy simultaneously. Just let those feelings flow. No need to attach. Acknowledge them and let them be. It is a big part of what makes us human. xx

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