The Role of Intuitives

With an increasing number of people utilising the services of Intuitives (a general umbrella under which Psychics, Clairvoyants, Spiritual Healers and Medical Intuitives sit), there is a tendency for some people to hand over their fate (and personal power), and relinquish their ability to create their soul’s desire.

As beings of Love and Light, understanding our modus operandi and how it affects the environment around us if of prime importance.  We are all dealing with energy in everything we do.  We need to be aware of our intent and we need to know that it will manifest in such a way that is a positive healing experience for every being touched by it.

Most of us are inherently impatient when it comes to waiting for something that our heart desires.  We want it NOW.  We do not consider how our desires may affect others involved in the process of its manifestation.  This is part of the grand old lesson of “Unconditional Love” – something that we are on this earth plane to master.

The never-ending lesson is caught up in so many aspects of our lives, in any areas of our existence in which we deal with relationships with ourselves and others.  Having the ability to exist in the here and now relies on our ability to exist in a grounded state of mind.  We can pray to the Divine day and night for our heart’s desire to manifest, but unless we take the personal responsibilities to give the desire a greater chance to manifest, the waiting period could last for quite a few lifetimes.

We are essentially a conduit between the Divine and the Earth.  Working with these two very powerful sources is crucial.  As with most things in life, we need to reach and maintain a balance between the two.

Being Mindful

Learning to exist in the present also provides us an opportunity to live life to its fullest. It provides us the chance to experience feelings (no matter how painful).  Living in “now time” also, with practice, teaches the ever-valuable skills of second attention, where we can experience our fears, anxieties and grievances, but not be overly consumed by them.

Life does not seem so overwhelming when we are able to quieten our minds to see our truths.  That, in itself, allows us to know ourselves, our capabilities and our vulnerabilities a lot more and in doing so, proves to empower us.  We begin to know why relationships are evolving in a certain way, and we learn ways in which we can turn some situations around, whilst understanding and respecting that some of those situations are about another person’s issues that you cannot change.  The need to accept the dynamics and move on are of prime importance –  for your personal growth and for those around you.

The information that an Intuitive provides you with very much depends on the situation and choices you and making. Some notion of future choices may also be given in the reading.  The information channelled does not mean that what is said is your fate.  It means that the opportunities are out there if you choose to take them.  Your life is your own creation.

The Value of Intuitives

Intuitives are invaluable when it comes to allowing you to gain a distanced and birds-eye view of a situation.  Some people often seek the answers that are in their favour.  It saves them from having to face their personal truths.  People want answers now, not realising that if they sit, listen and watch themselves in replay, they have the answers within them.  The client often views the Intuitive as a Messiah, an oracle who knows and sees all, a being who knows all of the answers.  Well, dear reader, everything on the earth plane has a purpose and within that, plenty of lessons to learn.

The primary way in which we learn our lessons is to experience the polarities which unfold before us.  If we experience lack of self-empowerment and low self-esteem, we can truly appreciate our personal power, and love and respect for ourselves.

People who habitually consult Practitioners to give the answers and keys to their futures without effectively looking within.  That is where you will find the solutions.  Now this does not mean that this group is doomed to spend their entire existence in this way.  It boils down to the choices they make in their lives.  As an analogy, we can historically take, say, the emergence of the meritocracy.  The vast number of these people were previously under-paid and under-educated, and due to the mindset, were kept under the thumb of the aristocracy.  Matters for the skilled “downtrodden” only improved when they became empowered, when they recognised their individual strengths and made decisions to change their predicaments.  Although many of the changes were achieved through this group of people banding together collectively, if they had not recognised their personal power, their mindset would not have altered.  And as with existence of the unskilled working classes, there are always a fresh surplus of souls experiencing a lack of self-empowerment, not realising that the answers lie within.

So, before you next consult with the Intuitive of your choice, why not acknowledge and respect your inner self. Ask your heart what it truly wants and what feels right.  Take responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and feelings.  Embrace the powerful sense of being that this brings.

Trust me, you will acquire much more benefit from sessions with the Intuitive with a more discerning air.  They will become confirmation of your own intuition – and that is a strength worth harnessing.

An article written by Anne McCormack, originally published in Insight Magazine (Australia), circa 2012

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